When people are rude to you

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When people are rude to you

When people are rude to you

When different people end up treating you badly. After a couple of times you start to wonder if it’s your fault and you question yourself. ~ Cassie Krug 

If you are experiencing any discomfort/suffering, this has been brought about by either your past negative thoughts, actions, or reactions, which is now unfolding as your karma. Karma should be observed in the moment, but never reacted to, either by taking it personally, or maybe even seeking any form of revenge. For these reactions project more karma for you to experience at some point in the future. Of course you can always take action to either change, or remove yourself from a situation, but you should not react. ~ Michael Egan 

Just remember that people who act superior are generally covering up that they feel inferior and the only way they can feel better about themselves is to put other people down. ~ Denise Hecht 

When they are rude, just smile and ignore it. Many times rudeness can be for a reaction, not just a sign of their ignorance. Walk away and don’t give them the benefit of the reaction they were hoping for, then you walk away a winner. ~ Denise Hecht 

Rudeness is the language of an unhappy person.

If you watch someone long enough you will see their true colors. Don’t just watch and study how they treat you, take note on how they treat others that they have known longer or are more comfortable around. How they treat them is how they will treat you when they become comfortable or think they have won you over or have you where they want you. ~ Erick Roberts 

If you feel something has been your fault, apologize and don’t forget to forgive yourself and move on. You do not owe anything more and it works.

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