You can’t change how people feel about you

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You can’t change how people feel about you

You can't change how people feel about you

You can’t please everybody. You can go on with your own life without them.

Time to move forward and not live their drama. Live life with truth and be genuine person always.

People are going to think what they are going to think. It’s almost always more a reflection of them than you. Just got to keep being the best you that you can be and let them find their own way. ~ LeeAnn Madison 

You can make yourself sick trying to make people love you and like you, hoping they will understand you and who you really are. Mary Smith

It’s a complete waste of time & energy trying to justify yourself to others when they are so intent on misunderstanding. It’s easier to just be yourself & not feel like you have to prove anything to anyone. ~ Nikka Rose 

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