Sometimes you need to be alone

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Sometimes you need to be alone

Sometimes you need to be alone

You can be with the most wonderful people and yet you can feel be alone, but that is not loneliness. I actually enjoy being alone from time to time and I get ample opportunity because hubby is away a lot. But yes, just getting out there on your own to do some deep thinking is so good for the soul. ~ Norma Stangl 

Sometimes you need your space to find yourself.

Sometimes it’s better to be alone to think about our plans and to enjoy ourselves. Sometimes I really preferred to be alone because through it help you to discover what would be your role in this world. I can imagined things that would be the inspiration and things to view that connects me to reality. ~ Ralph Mondero 

We get so occupied with our work and pleasing others that we loose ourselves in the process. So we need to get out from all this and make some time and be alone and do the things we like to do and be happy. ~ Ahmed Aga 

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