Silence is a language too

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Silence is a language too

Silence is a language too

Silence is a very effective weapon and it has a language of it’s own. Silence can prove a point e.g. showing someone that you’re upset with him or ignoring someone that is obviously trying to upset you etc. It’s a great weapon when used judiciously and at the right time. You say a lot by not saying anything at all. Silence gives you strength because by being silent, you don’t allow the others to discover you weaknesses and your opinion. Sometimes it would be prudent not to express your opinion. Silence is also the best way to make someone feel terribly sorry for misjudging you. Silence can be thought of as a shield or defense. In many instances to avoid unnecessary arguments and to promote peace , we have to keep silent. Follow the example of Jesus Christ who didn’t open his mouth when they crucified him. Think hard and decide whether keeping silent would be a better option than saying something . This way silence serves as a language giving the message without uttering a single word.

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