Don’t sacrifice your happiness to make everybody happy

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Don’t sacrifice your happiness to make everybody happy

Don't sacrifice your happiness to make everybody happy

If people can’t accept you for who you are then let them pass you by. God is the one to please and pray as him to guide you for His will.

At 72 I should think more of myself now enough sacrificing for them anyway when they are on their own they don’t care about you, just ring you up when they’re in need of help too. I’ve saved for the rainy days otherwise I end up alone in misery. ~ Eufrocina Lopez 

It’s important to be true to yourself as well as having a open minded understanding for growth. ~ Steven Gray 

Live your life the way you want not how other people want or think you should live it.

Never waste your self on somebody that lives in nothing but a life of lies and then they try to take whatever they can from you and bring you down as low as they are. Trust me been there done that with someone who really fell in love with but no they have no clue what love really is. I say no more because I have a lot to say but if that person having to get on and read this they know exactly who they are. ~ James Lindsey 

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