Our Services & Products

Energy Scan & Healing

Energy scan is like imaging our body with X-ray to find issues. If you just want to see what really need to work on in your body, an Energy Scan gives useful answers. All the vital areas are energy scanned including 7 main chakras, 7 energy bodies, astral cords, physical emotional mental spiritual planes, past life connections, energetic knots, negativity patterns, divine source connections, belief patterns, energy leakage points etc.

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

Our physical body lies within energy body which has m minor chakras responsible for assimilating energy and distribute to all body parts. We work on all the Seven Major Chakras & all the Minor chakras in this unique session to address blockages, stagnation, negativity and leakage points. Chakras are repaired and healed becoming open and vibrational at optimum frequency.

Life Counselling

We provide life counseling support for anything that is causing you distress which has affected your relationships and has affected your work impacting your personal, family or vocational pursuits. Life can be hard, we can feel lonely, vulnerable and isolated. It could be difficult to talk to our near & dear ones. We are there to provide life counseling without being judgemental in strictest confidence.

Disease Healing

All the diseases start in our energy body with malfunctioning chakras and disturbed energy flow leading to malfunction in body organs later manifesting as diseases in the physical body. Our healing sessions work on energy body. Diseases could be short lived or deep seated and efforts and time required for healing sessions would vary from single session to multiple sessions over few weeks. Please give full information about the nature of disease for us to quote for customized healing sessions.

Energy Boost Healing

Are you easily drained while working? Do you get fatigued easily? Are you in need of an energy boost? Here we can help you. Our Energy Boost Healing provides an extra boost of energy to your depleted body and mind.

Forgiveness Healing

Forgiveness is the act of forgiving others or needing to be forgiven by others.Are you feeling the burden especially when you have done something wrong? Is this holding back your energy flow? Do you need to forgive someone else for something that they did to you and find it hard to do? We heal on forgiveness clearing up all these energy issues promoting smooth energy flow.

Self Esteem/Confidence Healing

Without self esteem and self confidence, you start to lose hope, feel depressed and life is a burden. We provide self esteem and confidence healing to take care of it for you to progress in life.

Relationship Cord Healing

Out of many relationships that we build, Only few endure due to strong energy relationship cord. Our relationship cord healing strengthens the relationship cord improving your relationships.

Sexual Energy Healing

Sex plays most important part in couple's relationship which can be affected by many factors. As the problem lingers, it gets aggravated affecting work productivity. We work upon the negative energy which has built up in couple's energy patterns. Releasing these creates better understanding between them restoring sexual intimacy.

Soulmate Blessing

Have you found your soul mate? If you have, you are blessed with soul mate energy connections with positive energy flow being shared. If you haven't found your soul mate and want to have him/her attracted into your life, Our Soul mate Blessing will work on soul mate energy connections working on eternal love connected with soul.

Self Love Energy Healing

We must accept ourselves as we are and love ourselves to be able to progress in life. If we don't love ourselves, how can we expect others to love us? Blaming ourselves in various life situations creates negative energy fields. We heal this negativity creating positive energy environment around us which spreads out to the other people in your life creating positive energy connections.

Abuse/Trauma Healing

Abuse and/or Trauma is much more common than reported. You don't need to carry this burden any longer. We can help you in any abuse and/or trauma issue in your life. We do this by energy healing at Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual levels by removing blockages towards smooth energy flow to make your life journey pleasurable.

Negativity Releasement Healing

We pick up negativity from our environment from multiple sources. You may feel somebody around you draining your energy and fill you up with negative impressions. Negativity Releasement is a distant healing session to cleanse negative energy patterns from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Grieving Releasement Healing

Grievance is natural when we lose someone. Grieving process can be hardest and overwhelming. There is an energetic shifting from within as well as detachment of cords with the deceased. We can help you to tide over these emotional issues. The Grieving Releasement heals the detached energy cords. The damaged areas are healed completely and an energetic protection is placed.

Toxic Energy Clearing & Healing

Do you know the Toxic Energy? It is much much more thick, dense, negative in its energy flow and can cause toxic issues with your relationships, health & career. It is much more harmful compared to typical negative energy. We provide healing of Toxic energy cleansing it and promoting positive energy flow.

Letting Go Clearing Healing

Do you find letting go difficult? Do you feel like getting stuck in the past reliving past issues or memories? Your energy fields carry burdern of the past negativity. You need to clear yourself of this past before you can move forward. We help you by working on these issues of the past releasing you from the past and creates positive energy balance.

Deep Fear Cleansing Healing

We might have deep Phobia/Fear about something which is the result of dreadful experience in the past. We provide deep fear cleansing session to help you to move past the fears in your life releasing the problem energy areas replacing old programming with freshly programmed positive energy field.

Emotional Balance Healing

Do you easily lose control during argument? Have you realized that you shift emotions very quickly, from happiness to anger or from calmness to frustration? Result is inefficiency and strained relationships. If persistent, this healing session is just meant for you locating the problem areas, removing energy blockages and stagnation and providing healing touch.

Guilt Releasement Healing

Feeling of guilt that you are holding onto causes problems within your energy fields at many levels. Have you been dealing with issues of guilt in your life? We provide guilt healing removing negative mental and emotional patterns in your field freeing you to make progress in life with positive attitude.

Insomnia and Sleep Problems

Life can become miserable if we are unable to get good night’s sleep! We can't concentrate, become irritable, even a small task becomes daunting. This healing session is specifically designed to assist you with clearing the negative energies and energy blockages that prevent you from getting enough rest. We also send loving and healing energy to your heart, mind and soul for optimum effect.

Divorce Recovery Healing

Are you divorced or about to get divorce? Are you feeling hurt, rejected, lost, confused, drained from it? Do you want to get rid of these negative sentiments? We cleanse the negative energy patterns and the positive energy healing builds up your self esteem and confidence in this traumatic experience for you to move forward in your life.

Karma Cleansing Healing

We are all bound by karma as our past actions determine our future. We have to suffer for our misdeeds.That might be blocking our progress in life. Our Karma Cleansing healing is unique healing working on removing and cleansing basic karma energy fields which removes the obstacles guiding you towards desired path leading to abundance in life.

Protection Blessing Healing

We are prone to attacks on our energy field from our surroundings which could have affected our work. We provide protection healings and blessings to those who wish to have that extra protection in their life from negative influences, entity attachment, energy drains, psychic attacks and negative energy issues.

Online Confession & Healing

Do you feel you have hurt somebody or did something wrong that is constantly bothering you and has snatched away your mental peace? Confess to us in strictest confidence. Unload the burden you have been carrying too long. Trust us. We shall guide you and also conduct the healing session to provide healing touch.

Parental Connection Healing

The Parental Connection Healing takes care of the negativity between patents & children. This is due to disrupted energy cord connection between parents and children as a result of various issues in life.We heal this damaged cord making it extra strong reestablishing the previous connections.