When your mind becomes a monster

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When your mind becomes a monster

When your mind becomes a monster

Our mind has no boundaries. It can reach any part of the world in a flash and think in devious cunning ways. It has to be tamed and properly directed. The mind is a monster if you can’t control it and it controls you. All the criminals and dictators of this world fell prey to their mind and our world was changed beyond recognition. You have to make firm resolve to tame your mind consciously filtering out all undesirable thoughts that keep coming. If you give in to mind , you lose the ability to differentiate between right and wrong deeds leading to various life challenges. Keep your mind in it’s place. You are supreme. Treat your mind as your servant commanding it to generate positive thoughts that would make your life abundant. Don’t allow it to be your master and you will find all your life problems melting away.

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