When you look back on your life

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When you look back on your life

When you look back on your life

Life is like a journey. Sometimes you will up or sometimes you will be down but you learn a lots more right things here, so be strong and stay with positive faith, to become a better mind. 

I love where I am in my life. There has been pain, mistakes, heartache, and loss, which help to form who we are. There has also been love, laughter, accomplishments, lessons learned, friends, and family. You remember it all, but should not dwell on the losses, remember them and move on, hold on to all of the wonderful things that have happened in your life everyone has some, recognize them and move on with your life with love in your heart. ~ Linda Grossman 

I could actually feel a emotional strengthening of myself after going through emotional pain as I allow it to have its way with me as that is the only way to deal with it. ~ Joan Thomas 

People should stop running behind their past. It is really tough to forget the pain which we have under gone in our past we often try to forget and forgive but no it remains as a parasite in our hearts. About mistakes, their are certain people who make mistakes they know very much they are at fault but they accuse us and start off with their moral lecture which at times end up in a fight none of us has any patience to solve the problems. I feel at least one person should have a good control with in you to make both end’s together. The creator of all fight’s will certainly end up having a heart ache. I feel looking in the mirror and talking by your self will certainly bring out all your sorrow’s which you were undergoing and you will be fresh and would start a better life again with which you will definitely be a very stronger person with in yourself. The mistakes which we have made in our life is the lessons which we have learned, from which we should be a new person and never again repeat the same mistakes and we should be proud of ourselves for being a very good human being. ~ Anitha Nair 

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