What is truly yours will eventually be yours

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What is truly yours will eventually be yours

What is truly yours will eventually be yours

I had to let my daughter and grandson go because I had to walk away from my daughter’s husband. They both blamed me on their marital problems, and her husband keeps claiming that I told her to divorce him. First of all, they both run to me whenever they have a problem. HUGE MISTAKE and secondly I NEVER told my daughter to divorce her husband. He’s delusional and extremely paranoid and they both thrive on drama because they’re addicted to it and I wanted to become a psychologist.. NOT! I have walked away from the toxic relatives in my life before, this time is no different. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I kick myself every time her husband would disrespect me and I would forgive him and let him back in my life. This time I forgive him and her as well, but he is no longer allowed in my life and as for my daughter, she needs to give me my space. She knows better than to treat me poorly. Abuse of any kind from anyone is UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR AND IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Love yourself enough to walk away from any situation that is unhealthy and unsafe for you. Sometimes you have to let go of the ones you love because they are involved with an abusive partner. DO NOT LET ANYONE ABUSE YOU. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. ~ Sebrina Biscardi 
It’s very freeing to loose the losers. Gave up on a lot of friends because we were going without helping them. The two that bummed the most got a lucky break and forgot about us and quit calling. Now, all the sudden one is down again and wants to hang out. Absolutely not, you will be surprised as to how many friends you really “don’t have” once you learn the power of just saying NO. ~ Toni Riopelle 
It’s all about being appreciated. We grow up in a society that we believe the complements thrown our way makes us who we are. We are tangled in the web that some of us never get to know our true self. It’s okay to be alone, to be alone is to get to know yourself, to love yourself. Before that can occur there always be somebody to take a vantage of you. ~ David Park 

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