This morning I opened two gifts

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This morning I opened two gifts

this morning i opened two gifts-my eyes

One of the most enlightening experiences is to watch before your eyes the rising sun.

Whether we transform this “experience” into “awareness”, or let it simply pass as a picturesque event, rests entirely on us.

Nature is the best teacher. It offers no explanation. If offers only awareness. It does not simply emanate beauty, it makes our life beautiful.

The fundamental principle of life is the oneness of self and environment. They both are ONE.

As the sun rises over the horizon dispelling all darkness, so does the latent sun within us rises to awaken us to our true identity from the slumbers of fundamental darkness.

The energy floods our life with light and warmth. It opens our mind’s eyes.

Each one of us is an invaluable gift. Let us unwrap our gifts to find eternal peace and love!

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