There’s nothing wrong with moving on from being treated wrong

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There’s nothing wrong with moving on from being treated wrong

There's nothing wrong with moving on from being treated wrong

If you hold onto the wrong person you’ll never find the right person. If you keep chasing wrong you’ll never give right a chance to catch up with you. ~ Jacob Meeks 
I became angry when I finally realized my worth. I was angry at loved ones who’ve hurt me instead of helped me and I was angry at myself for allowing others to take advantage of me, but, that’s ok. Those being bad people is not a reflection of me. They are the ones who will carry guilt and hurt around and continue the cycle, not me. Love yourselves, people!! Anyone who makes you feel valueless is not someone you need in your life. ~ Chelsea Green 
Some people can be very mean in a way you do not even realize until later. ~ Minna Kähkönen 
You must always love yourself first and foremost know your worth because everyone of us is precious and worthy to be loved unconditionally by the right person, so never settle for less than you deserve. ~ Sharran Allen 
Stop making excuses for someone who’s actions clearly prove your not a priority and move on. Someone better is waiting for you out there, and that person is you. You will be a better person, because you deserve better. ~ Sarah Denning 

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