Standing with people who don’t value you

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Standing with people who don’t value you

Standing with people who don't value you

Standing alone is better than standing with selfish people.

Sometimes it’s God’s way of telling us. It’s time to move forward in the journey. The journey, He has already planned for us. Even when we are unsure, feel alone, not valued, disrespected, or whatever it may be follow His lead. Hand your loneliness, fears, tears, anger, hurt, worries, or whatever you may be feeling because of the acts/words of others over to Him. He has it covered. It may not be easy, but He will get you through it and onward to the next leg of your journey. Sometimes it’s hard to move forward from what we know now, but He has a way of calling us to where He wants us to be. Try your best to reach within that loneliness to draw nearer to Him and hear His voice within you. You will never truly be alone. We are truly loved and valued by He who matters most. ~ Katie Kemner 

The truth is you were born alone and you will die alone. Therefore, it is natural, if you stand alone.

When you are in love with yourself, its better known as romance with your own life. When you love yourself, focus on your own liking only and never think negative about anyone, life is different. You are living in present , when your mind is in peace and that is possible by loving own heart with mild touch of our own soul & mind. Try this & feel the change. But never ever be serious in life. Always try to smile even at silly mistake. Life is too short to feel bad or negative in life. ~ Sandeep Sharma 

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