Sometimes good people make bad choices

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Sometimes good people make bad choices

Sometimes good people make bad choices

Humans are interesting creatures. We tell people to “move on” but we often hinder them with guilt and fatalistic pictures of what a mistake means. This “double-bind” message is more indicative of our inability to collectively accept forgiveness and redemption themes on daily basis. It also takes away responsibility from the hearer to actually take responsibility for the mistake that is made, which is the very reason the mistake was made to begin with, some area of irresponsibility or lack of awareness. In the ideal case, people learn to “do” better if they can be free from the collective and internal drives we humans have to punish or brand error as permanent. ~ Patricia Deshommes 

If someone makes you smile and happy you cannot pay it with rewards but rather true happiness and the existing of mutual attraction. ~ Shiela Dolosa 

It’s ok to put someone out of your life, while forgiving them. Forgiveness is for you, it heals you. Putting them out of your life keeps ‘it’ from happening again.

Making mistakes is nothing but a way of learning. If we don’t make mistakes, we never learn anything. Understanding and accepting our mistakes is key to change. Then forgiving those who made mistakes that hurt us will bring peace to our lives. ~ Leonard Dreyfus 

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