It’s ok to just do what’s best for you

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It’s ok to just do what’s best for you

It's ok to just do what's best for you

First you make a decision to take care of yourself first, then you do that. It is called change, and all it takes is time and effort and caring about the important person first, which is you.

Being a caregiver in the beginning I truly believe I enabled Mom to be disabled. It’s very tiring until you get the hang of it. When I think back how I used to respond, I have to laugh. The more positive you stay, the better it is for you and your loved one. In my opinion, it is imperative that you take time for you. Not only do you get a break, it also allows you to put things in perspective. ~ Barbara Quish 

Do the best you can for yourself and you’ll be in the best position to be at your best for others and those who are important to you. ~ Claire Woodruff 

Sometimes we all need “ME time”. Pamper yourself now and then to recharge your battery so that you don’t feel resentful for doing all the stuffs for others! ~ Indiyah Danusugondo 

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