It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand

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It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand

When I was growing up, I was expected to have and give a reason for my choices and actions and an explanation. As an adult I continued to feel the need to do so, so others would understand. TOTALLY UNNECESSARY! If someone wants to know they will ask and if they do not ask they probably not only do not care but are irritated and certainly unappreciative of any attempt to “educate ” them as to the pros and cons of the situation. ~ Sandra Gann 

Everywhere we live, we feel like outsiders no matter how much we try to “blend in”. I am most comfortable with persons who understand disabilities because they have lived it too. Either themselves or a loved one. God doesn’t make junk. ~ Linda Ann Triplett King 

The best thing about getting older is that you seriously don’t care who thinks what about how you live your life, who you are and seriously don’t need anyone’s approval! ~ Janine Rivera 


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