Inhale, Exhale! Everything is going to be okay

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Inhale, Exhale! Everything is going to be okay

Inhale, Exhale! Everything is going to be okay

A kind meditation. Keep practicing. Be with yourself. Your wisdom will come out and then you will be able to go through it.

Faith is believing what we do not yet see. When we love God we know He will deliver us from what ever our situation is, we must wait for God to move and in the meantime we must live also. God bless you for whatever you are waiting for, He will deliver. ~ Cheryl Hull

There are times when when we feel lost or stressed and we seem to want to take over the situation by having a mental strong hold over it. We do this with worry or over thinking which only leads to more stress and other emotional turmoil. When we cannot do anything about it, turn it over to God and ask Him to give you strength, or courage or patience to get through it. ~ Brigitte Nicole

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