If someone actually wanted you in their life

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If someone actually wanted you in their life

If someone actually wanted you in their life

It’s really hard to have a one sided relationship. If you are the one doing all the giving and there’s no reciprocation, what’s the point of keeping this person in your life? Clearly they don’t make an effort for you to be in theirs is a two sided road, and it should happen naturally from both sides. It has to be balanced! ~ Manuela Stein 

If you keep trying to be part of their life and they reject you one way or another, it’s time you realize they don’t want a relationship with you. It is hard especially when you like that person, but I guess you have to learn to live with disappointment. ~ Fran Cella 

If someone wants you in his/her life, he/she does everything to keep you in there and will never let you go!

If they do not, that means it was really never meant to be, you are meant for bigger and better things in life. Life is short, enjoy it, you are only young once and time passes, then regret starts creeping in, life is to short, you have bigger and better more important issue in life, so stop crying and smile even if it hurts because when it is all over the one standing is the winner and believe or not it is about a health rigorous lifestyle and you deserve better! ~ Cesar Delgado 

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