Everyone can say I love you

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Everyone can say I love you

Everyone can say I love you

Actions speak louder than words. My ex told me he loved me up to when he walked out on me one week before my surgery, after 25 years of marriage. That let me know just where his heart was and what kind of a person he really is. The saying that love is blind is so true. I now see things that happened that I didn’t before. Hindsight is 20/20. I am very blessed that I have such a wonderful loving family and friends. And that God protected my heart and my future. And I pray for his and his wife’s happiness. And I truly mean it. Hate and grudges are not for me. To be like that would only take away from my happiness. ~ Connie Heitz

Words are Words, any liar can say they love you, use the same words as an honest good person but I’ve always proved how I felt by my actions. ~ Michael Hilario 

If I’ve learned one thing its that actions have to go with words and another is that jealousy is not a sign of love. It is that persons insecurity. ~ Diane Hunter 

Love is: That great in-depth feeling of warmth, in which there is non-judgemental understanding. A willingness to work things out. It is a hand of friendship, and desire. ~ Andy Roberts 

Be careful not to mistake attention and passion or desire for love though. There are different types of love: passionate and companionate are distinct stages that many relationships go through. Just because “the honeymoon is over” does not mean that the relationship is over. It’s easy to say “everything is necessary for love to be real.” It’s also quite easy to drive away those who love you most by placing absolutely impossible demands on them. ~ Traci Bridget 

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