You always deserve peace in your life

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You always deserve peace in your life

You always deserve peace in your life

You have to forgive the transgressions and then move on or you will not find peace with them and it will still haunt you. ~ Beverly Grenier 

Unforgiveness is a cancer to our own soul. It’s like drinking poison expecting the other person to die. I pray that God would enable each one the ability to forgive so that you can live a life fully free as God intended. ~ Mary Bushay 

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. Think about it, you release the negative feeling and you feel better. Even if you forgive someone in your heart and spirit that does not mean you have to be around them. In essence you cut the cord of bitterness and hurt they did to you. It’s hard and not as easy, I forgave someone who hurt me so badly I cried and within a day or two I laughed at myself for allowing that person to take up so much energy in my life. If God could forgive me what more that I should be unforgiving. Let it go, let them go, claim your peace they aren’t worth it.

It’s a healing process. Take the good from the bad, learn from the lesson, after a while you would say to yourself was that person worth the pain. Bless your enemies and forgive those who hurt you. It’s hard and in time the pain gets less and less you owe it to you not them

~ Liz la Borde 

Forgiveness breaks the hold that person had on you. Forgive and move on! You don’t have to let that person or people into your lives. Love from a distance but keep prayer for their souls. ~ Nina Garrett 

When you forgive or say thank you, you unlock positive energy and it’s really powerful and nice. It would be really gorgeous if most of the people forgive instead to fight. Life is too short so we have to live in peace! ~ Julia Geosheva 

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