When you cannot sleep at night

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When you cannot sleep at night

When you cannot sleep at night

When we are living a life the way it should be lived , it pleases God and We get a sound sleep. When we have difficulty getting to sleep , it’s God’s way of saying that something is wrong with your life. It’s time to reflect on your life activities. Are you taking too much stress that you are not supposed to take?  Are you doing something that is unlawful & criminal? Have you done something wrong to somebody during the day that is troubling you? Are you making compromises in life which you shouldn’t have made? If you aren’t happy with the type of life you are living , God provides you time at the end of the day to deeply ponder about your life , your actions and your goals. You get sufficient time here to talk to yourself , your conscience , your soul and your divine self . You have to find answers yourself . When you do , you get sound sleep which refreshes your mind and body and soul to face the life next day with all the positive energy. Follow your intuition and live life to the fullest.  

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