We may walk a different path

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We may walk a different path

We may walk a different path

We are all being of light. We have all originated from the source and we are all divinely connected. Saints have given this knowledge for generations but we find it difficult to digest this truth. We have divided ourselves on the basis of color, religion , caste etc. We have polluted ourselves in this materialistic world finding ways to make progress in life at the cost of those who are our brothers and sisters. Our soul in it’s purest form has it’s origins in light and it will constantly strive to ultimately join light or source just as all rivers try to find ways to reach the final destination , the ocean. We are all unique specimens of God and we have discovered many ways which ultimately lead us towards light. There are different paths but destination is the same. The ultimate destination which may be called Source , God or Light  can be reached through devotion , good deeds or meditation.  

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