We all need a little help sometimes

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We all need a little help sometimes

We all need a little help sometimes

Remember that what we sow we shall leap and gain. Do not regret and do not look back. We are stronger each day and full with wisdom. We will know who stay true to us and know that who is there for us. We do not need many friends, the more we getting old and older the more we will know who our true friend is. We still got a lot of fight left in us. Stay strong and love yourselves first. ~ Paul Kanjanasuwun 

A “Hello” to a stranger could be the difference in whether they continue this journey called life. There are many stories of people that were about to take their life when a simple recognition made them feel significant and they are now able to share that journey. So if something that simple could help someone feeling that low about life, how much impact on people that haven’t gotten that far. More importantly, the gift of emotional fulfillment you receive by putting a smile on someone else. Have fun! ~ Terri Myers 

It’s matters when you treat them nice and be good to them, and it doesn’t matter if they do good things to you. If they can’t others will and don’t expect something in return if you do good things to others. ~ Bugsy Laguna 

Be kind, be nice, especially to those who can’t be, they need it the most and kindness given, returns back to you 10 fold or more, maybe not now, but when you are in need help will be given.

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