Stressing over something you can’t change

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Stressing over something you can’t change

Stressing over something you can't change

Don’t pressurize yourself! You will when right time comes don’t force yourself.

Many people want to move away and start a new life in search of happiness, but if you leave with a broken heart or with a mind that is burdened, you will be taking those problems with you to your new destination. Happiness is not a new city, a new home or a new backyard, with hopes of greener grass. Happiness is something you must find right in your very own backyard in our own heart. ~ Lemor Andante 

Why waste your time trying one single dish in life? Try the other dishes out in life. There isn’t only one thing that you can try out in the world. Try mending your mistakes, instead of making it worse. ~ Kendrick Ang 

When you truly welcome joy into your life, forgiveness and acceptance becomes second nature.

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