Sometimes, you actions do affect other people

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Sometimes, you actions do affect other people

Sometimes, you actions do affect other people

What hurts is the reality that the people that hurt us are those that we thought loved us the most. It’s unfortunate because we give ourselves to them wholeheartedly but they don’t see it. ~ Mari Piña 
Some people need to understand that actions carry certain consequences and that what go around comes around. ~ Marina Cardoza 
If everyone used this mindset, we would have a more respectful society. ~ David Ames
Just think before you say anything or do something that you will regret you can never take it back. ~ Diane Wimberly 
If you don’t have anything good to say keep your mouth shut.
It should never be about the YOU only. We all need to love one another no matter what. No one is perfect, but with love and understanding we can better ourselves. ~ Stacy Ryan 

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