People come and go in your life

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People come and go in your life

People come and go in your life

Sometimes, it’s not your choice to leave, but other people’s choices can change your whole life. ~ Nathan Barnes

Just care of your true friends and thank them for making your life more positive and hopefully. 

Always bear in mind that rejection will happen throughout your life, and you cannot avoid it. ~ Tracy Obuks 

The right ones always stay in your life whether family or friends. Thank you god for blessing me with wonderful family and friends, you guys always have my back, truly blessed. ~ Leeanna Boodoo 

We stay in each others lives as long as the good Lord deems it necessary. It has nothing to do with loyalty or love. It is all about obedience and answering the call to serve when, where and for how long it is needed to serve our Lord. We should always love each other as He has loved us. ~ Donna Johnson 

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