Just moving on & getting over some relationships

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Just moving on & getting over some relationships

Just moving on & getting over some relationships

Honestly, the one that put you in that dark place, they aren’t even caring one way or the other. The minute you leave their side, you’re out of their mind. It honestly won’t make a bit of difference if I succumb to the darkness or break free, it will not make one difference in his life. ~ Lorie Ballard 

You need to make a difference in your life for you. You can’t make the other person care for you, but you can care about you! ~ Lenora Doody 

Obsessing over old hurts just steals the joy from today. That other person doesn’t even know you are still hurting. And mostly, they don’t care either. Dwelling on it gives them power over you. Move on! ~ Jackie Harlan 

Take comfort in the fact that the haters and the doubters and the naysayers will have to eat their words when they see how the choices you’re making have enriched your life beyond their meager expectations. ~ Michael Hernandez 

The best revenge can also be about being successful in whatever you do. That’s the best revenge to me. Getting over it, is just one of the many steps to moving on and living your life. Who cares what they think if they’re not in your life anymore? You’re just wasting your own time! ~ Weng Xiu Mei 

Forgiveness has absolutely nothing to do with the other person! It is for you and your peace of mind!

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