Just Live your Life & Be Happy

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Just Live your Life & Be Happy

Just Live your Life & Be Happy

I used to be so concerned about what others thought about me but over the years I’ve learned that people’s opinion of me is none of my business. Be yourself and don’t ever let anyone try to change you. ~ Tracey Clegg 

In life, you find out who the people are who love you when things are tough and there is change. Thank you to all those who love me regardless and support me in my decisions I have made for me. Those that don’t, it is your loss. ~ Linda Dashner 

It hurts when you hear bad things about yourself, but It’s hard to change the mind of them so I’ll just try to be myself and live my life they way I’m doing, and forget what others think about me. I’m strong and the only person I want to empress is God. ~ Joyce Boom 

I wasted so much time and energy trying to justify myself to other people because it didn’t change their opinion of me at all. I recognized that no matter how hard I try, these people are going to think whatever they want of me. So no point in focusing your energy on them. Just focus on your well-being and stay on your own path. I always believe that if they are talking negatively about you, then they are not worth your time. The right ones who are meant to be in your life will not treat you that way. ~ Nikka Rose

It’s amazing how we all tend to worry about what others think of us and if we are doing what others would want us to do, then we find out in the end who our true friends really are and what all those others thought didn’t really matter at all. We then learn to just live and enjoy what’s left of our life. If we aren’t happy with ourselves then we are not enjoying life. ~ Sandy Slicker 

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