It’s important to forgive those who hurt you

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It’s important to forgive those who hurt you

It's important to forgive those who hurt you

Just be respectful, but know what you want or don’t. Stay true to yourself!

You really shouldn’t have to “hang out” with family either, unless it’s a holiday or other family event (graduation, wedding, etc.) In those cases, be cordial and respectful, but that’s about it. I’m there with 2 of my 3 siblings and I used to think true forgiveness meant I had to act like the things they did never happened and that I had to continue to go out of my way for them still. That’s called STUPIDITY, because their disrespect always continued toward me. Live your life as you see fit and let them do the same and when you cross paths deal with it, but nothing more is necessary at all. Just my opinion and what has worked for me. ~ Lisa Johnson 

Family or friends, forgive and move on. Those that are in your past are there for a reason . They are not supposed to be with you now. ~ Gail Champkins 

Once is more than enough. Live is too short to waste your time in a person that does not value or respect you even if it’s your own family.

Being a good person, doesn’t necessarily mean they will be nice to you back and I agree, it is very hard when it’s a close family member to keep peace. Some people just enjoy the drama & suck the joy right out of your life. ~ Patricia Tacionis 

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