If you have an ugly heart

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If you have an ugly heart

If you have an ugly heart

Looks attract but they don’t sustain.

I have seen some of the prettiest faces have the coldest hearts and I have seen some of the not so pretty faces have the kindest hearts. Once in awhile you will find a pretty face and a pretty heart. That is a treasure! ~ Rosalie Carew 

Regardless of your body built, if you have a pure heart then it will radiates the beauty of your soul.

I’ve known people who I thought were really pretty, I even probably envied them, but once I saw beneath the mask and saw the ugliness of their hearts, I couldn’t ever see them the same again. That’s why you have to work on your heart, not on your looks. A pretty heart will radiate out and truly attract people. An ugly heart will also show itself eventually, and once it’s out, no amount of make-up or smiles can cover it back up. ~ Libby Dee 

Being unattractive does not mean that you do not deserve to be loved or be lovable.

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