I have hurt, trusted, but most of all I have learned

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I have hurt, trusted, but most of all I have learned

I have hurt, trusted, but most of all I have learned

I have learned that at the end of the day the person you love will hurt you anyway. ~ Sha Mansor 

A wise person wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise person refuses to be anyone’s victim.

I have learnt you can either live with fear or with love. Be thankful for what you have and if you want something just ask believe and even imagine you already have it. Positive thinking keep happy. It can be hard at times, but feed the love not the fear. ~ Maureen Davison 

You have to let go of past hurt and learn to live with a new future it worked with me and I dropped friends along the way I thought were true friends and they were just there to use me for their benefits. ~ Kim Howland 

The thing about life is all of these things are life. We are always learning. We will make mistakes until we die because there is no other way to learn. So as we live, we love, we lose, we miss, we hurt, we trust. That is life. That is living! ~ Beverly Hyde 

Learning is one thing and acquiring knowledge is another. Learning is a continuous process, not a process of addition, not a process which you gather and then from there act. Most of us gather knowledge as memory, as idea, store it up as experience and from there act. That is, we act from knowledge, technological knowledge, knowledge as experience, knowledge as tradition, knowledge that one has derived through one’s particular idiosyncratic tendencies; with that background, with that accumulation as knowledge, as experience, as tradition, we act. In that process there is no learning. Learning is never accumulative; it is a constant movement. I do not know if you have ever gone into this question at all : what is learning and what is the acquisition of knowledge? Learning is never accumulative. You cannot store up learning and then from that storehouse act. You learn as you are going along. Therefore, there is never a moment of retrogression or deterioration or decline. ~ Xerxes Sarfaraz 

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