Everything in Life work on the same frequencies

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Everything in Life work on the same frequencies

Everything in Life work on the same frequencies

All species upon our planet are shaped by the electromagnetic forces emanating from earth. The Earth, as an organic and inorganic system, is constantly bathing all life on the planet with its highly ordered and coherent electromagnetic field. What we need to understand is that our entire biological systems including our brain and all organs strive to achieve and maintain a state of pure coherence with earth resonating with the same frequency. In every single moment, we are constantly interacting with the energy fields all around us in varying degrees.

Important to all life on our planet, the Earth’s field has a normal frequency of 7.8 Hz. This natural rhythm is found in multiple places within us. It is inherent to functioning at our most efficient, sustainable, and coherent state as our body cavities resonates at 7.8 Hz. Our Alpha and Theta brain waves both border the frequency of 7.8 Hz. These brain waves are associated with insight, intuition, inspiration, meditation, relaxation, and calmness.

The common resonating frequency between earth & us enhances our mental, emotional, and physical well being. In fact when you walk bare footed on ground , we invite the flow of energy from the Earth up into our physical vessel. Be out in nature; go to a field, a mountain, a river, a stream, a beach, the ocean. Be in the presence of nature, be in the presence of life. You can visualize , feel, or simply be aware of the center of the Earth and the free energy that it emits into you. This is a great healing experience. 

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