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Customized Disease Healing Session
Session Length: Varies
Price: Quotes Given Via Email



Our physical body is surrounded by energy body seen as the aura surrounding us. All the diseases have their origin in energy body. When chakras in energy body start malfunctioning , energy flow through various chakras & meridians get affected leading to disturbed functions in physical body organs and body parts. These disturbances later on manifest as diseases in the physical body.

Our healing sessions work on the diseased energy body. In fact energy body may be found to be diseased prior to disease manifesting in physical body. Cleansing and healing energy body at this stage will lead to preventive cure of disease. Once the energy body is healed , disease would be cured. Diseases  could be short lived or deep seated. Please give full information about the nature of disease for us to quote for customized healing session.

Customized healing sessions are longer in length and can last for few hours. Each person’s session is going to be different as every person is unique. Our healing sessions while working on the underlying problem also takes care of emotional, mental and spiritual healing. 

Customized Healing Session may cost you from $50 – $500. Efforts and time required for healing the disease would vary from single session to multiple sessions over few weeks.The exact price quote for a customized healing shall be based on the energetic issues, time involved, and severity and intensity of the work that is to be done.

When contacting us for a customized disease healing session , please include basic information such as your name, sex, age , location etc along with as much information as possible about your issues to be healed for us to quote for a session.

We want to stress that We don’t advocate energy healing as an alternative to allopathic medicine. If you are already taking medicines , don’t discontinue them. Our healing sessions would provide additional support towards cure. Healing results would vary from person to person depending upon the nature of disease and karmic issues if any.  

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