There’s Light & Dark within us

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There’s Light & Dark within us

There's Light & Dark within us

We possess mind which is full of good thoughts and bad thoughts. if you desire to have a good life , you have to undertake constant exercise to filter out bad negative thoughts from your mind , nourish the good thoughts and act upon them. Ultimately it’s our choice whether to choose negative (dark)  thoughts or positive (light)  thoughts to act on. What we really are or what we are destined to become is ultimately our own choice. We are architect of our life. Be aware of light and dark part existing together. Weed out the negative dark thoughts and make the right choices all along. We have no right to blame circumstances and people for the type of life we live. God desires you to have a dream life. The life challenges and problems we face are usually of our own making. Understand this and your life will change forever. 

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