The Best Gift we can give to your friend

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The Best Gift we can give to your friend

The Best Gift we can give to your friend

When my beautiful daughter was dying of cancer, my friend would take me for a ride in the mountains and we would listen to native flute music and I would quietly cry and my friend would sit beside and be silent with so much love than I would return to my daughters side and sit quietly with so much love. I miss Bridget so very much and look forward to being with her, but now with joy in my heart we will finally be home! ~ Judy Feigley 

For my true friends who stood by me and being there to hear my silent cry. Thank you for the true friend I have at present, I want to THANK YOU in easing my hurt/pain. I truly-sincerely appreciate it. I just can’t imagined my life without you. ~ Ciel Garfield 

Holding Hands when no words can express the love and compassion.

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