The best form of Love

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The best form of Love

The best form of Love

Forgiveness is not for the offenders it’s for the forgiver. Most people need to understand the difference between forgiving and ignoring.

The people being forgiven oftentimes thinks it is for them and not the person doing the forgiving. I’m a forgiving person and I’ve had too many offenders continue to disrespect me and treat me the same as before. I forgive for my own peace of mind and the offenders take it as permission to continue their negative behavior. Nothing wrong with kicking “toxic” people out of your life. ~ Tessa Harper

When we forgive we are happier within ourselves.

It is more for you, so you can get on with your life in a healthy way then it is for the person who wronged you. ~ Joanie Tuttle

Don’t wait for the, “I’m sorry,” to forgive. It may never come. Forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person, it frees you.

I forgive those people who made lies of me. Negative gossip usually says something about the gossipers. It often means that deep inside they’re envious of the person they are gossiping about. They spread rumors to feel better about themselves, to convince themselves that they’re better than that person. ~ Luo Na

Forgiving the person(s) who hurt you allows your own broken spirit to heal. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to allow that person to continue hurting you. Forgiveness is embracing the lesson you learned from the betrayal and then moving forward. Forgiving one another takes courage. You can DO it!

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