People who were there for you when no one else was

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People who were there for you when no one else was

People who were there for you when no one else was

Those people are very rare and unfortunately they are always taken for granted until they disappear one day for ever, then it will be too late for anyone to cherish them.

It is so important to cherish the people who have been there for us throughout our lives because not everyone who is in our lives will always be there for us if and when we need them. Some people are there for us when things are good and through life’s ups but they are not around or no where to be found when things are bad or through the down times that we may be going through or have went through, and some people only want to share in our laughter but not in our tears. It is easy to be there for someone when life is good, times are happy and things are up and positive, and it is a lot harder to be there for someone when life is bad, times are sad and things are down and negative so it is extremely important to cherish, treasure, appreciate and be grateful for the people, in our lives, who truly love us, really care about us, who have our best interest at heart, who want to see us happy, healthy and safe and who will do whatever they can for us to make sure we feel loved and cared about, that we are ok and doing well and that we have someone there for us, in our lives, who we can count and depend on, to give us advice, to help us, to listen, to guide us, to support us and to be there for us when other people may not, not because they have to be or feel obligated to be, but just because they want to be and are. ~ Kathy Parker

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