Pay attention to your gut feelings

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Pay attention to your gut feelings

Pay attention to your gut feelings

I always listen to my gut feeling. It guides me through all my decision in life and it doesn’t lie. ~ Antoinette Muah 
Sometimes I concentrate on the problem (me) when I should be focusing on the solution (my thinking and actions.) I’ll put off what I need to change because I’m afraid of the change. There’s a morbid sort of comfort in things being the same as always. The fear comes when I finally have to face myself and realize I have to make the change if I’m ever going to know any peace of mind. When I was finally able to do that things became overwhelmingly peaceful. I hope you can all experience this. It’s a beautiful way to live knowing I don’t have hang on to a painful past that makes the present miserable. I finally listened to my gut and acted on it. ~ Kathy Ross 

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