Making a big life change is pretty scary

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Making a big life change is pretty scary

Making a big life change is pretty scary

Just made a huge life change. Moved to Palm Coast Florida and started a lawn care business. Scary as heck! 5 months and 31 clients! Keep in your prayers. IT CAN BE DONE! PRAISE GOD FOR HIS HELP. ~ Candy Thompson 

Regret is the worst. I would much rather deal with fear than live with regret. Fear subsides in time, regret sticks around forever! ~ Jennifer Wagner 

Change! It’s not scary if that change is for the better. We may struggle at first but in a long run, when you already seen the results of your choice, you can smile and say yes I made it. Life is a constant change! Nothing is permanent like a weather, from childhood to adulthood to old age. We must only widen our thoughts and accept everything and aware that it’s a part of life cycle everyone going through. That is life! ~ Rowena Labrador 

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