Life Energy

We are all made of life energy which is a life force in all different wavelengths and frequencies. We live in the universal ocean of energy. Our life is nothing but the interplay of energy within us and in our surroundings which bombards us all the time supporting us and nourishing us.

There are two types of energy, Positive energy with beneficial effects and negative energy with harmful effects.

Our mind and body are receiver, processor and transmitter of energy. Our thoughts create us and our thoughts kill us depending upon what positive and negative energies they transmit. We should cultivate and train our mind to always emit positive thoughts and vibrations. Human life is a very precious, so we should steer away from the negative energy.

Our life is made richer by empowering ourselves with the power of mind, power of mantra, power of yantra (gazette), and power of meditation for happy and joyful life. If you want to be happier and increase all these then personal healing is also must.

To guide you with these empowerment within a short time, we arrange the seminars and workshops.


Here are various energy products that we recommend.

Cosmic Power Card

Cosmic Power Card is energized card that attracts powerful cosmic energy to you and raising your vibration and consciousness to the optimum level. Your vibrational frequency rises to the highest possible level for your maximum benefit. Cosmic power card is usually used along with Self Healer Activator as it compliments it’s powerful effects.

Cosmic Power Card can be customized and used for the following:

1) Peace of Mind


Practice: 15-20 minutes daily

Price: 550 INR

This cosmic power card acts as subconscious mind activator raising your vibrational level and consciousness of peace which is the key to mental peace, intuition and abundance. Your decisions are guided by your unconscious mind connected with the Supreme and nothing can hold you back. All you have to do is just hold this card in your hand and sit comfortably for 15-20 minutes.

Using peaceful mind card during meditations enable you to attain progressive higher meditational levels and ultimate freedom from stress issues, anger, frustration, anxiety, hypertension etc.

Note: It’s necessary to affix your photo on your card. It’s like password to gain access to the energy.

2) Sharp Memory


Practice: 15-20 minutes daily especially for students

Price: 350 INR

In this ever changing competitive world, good memory is an asset which determines your success in any field. Holding this card in hand increases your grasping power and enhances memory. The Cosmic Card energizes your brain cells, cleanses stress and removes negative energy in brain area providing optimal environment for brain function.

3) Stress Free Drive


Practice: Keep it with you while driving

Price: 250 INR

This card will give you extra energy boost for you to remain focused while driving free from stress and distress. Driving experience will be pleasant and peaceful.

Self Healer Activator

Self Healer Activator is Pyramid which is empowered to multiply the cosmic energy by duly fitted micro-chip on the pyramid. It also acts as self-cleansing & healing tool which cleanse your energy body (Aura) of all negative influences that we receive or processed daily knowingly or unknowingly in our life. Your aura becomes bright with higher more refined vibrational energy acquiring higher dimension colours which makes you connect with the higher universe. It gives you inner peace and calmness opening the doors to abundance in all fields. You just need to give 20-25 minutes of your time every day holding this Self Healer Activator in your hand to allow it to automatically cleanse your energy body as well as physical body. This activator compliments very well with any Cosmic Power Card as activator heals & cleanse while Cosmic Card enhances vibrational energy. It is advised to use both of them together to derive maximum benefit.

1) Copper Pyramid Self Activator


Practice: 15-20 minutes daily

Price: 2,750 INR

2) Sripani Wood Pyramid Self Activator


Practice: 15-20 minutes daily

Price: 1,550 INR

House Energizer (Vastu Energizer)


Price: 1,550 INR

Bhoomi / Vastu / House energiser placed anywhere in your house / Office / Shop / Warehouse dynamically changes energy level of the place towards the positivity. We hardly realize that these places accumulate lot of psychic energy, negative thought entities, anger energy and toxic energy over a period of time due to actions of various people occupying the place and multiple visitors leaving their undesirable footprints. This could lead to relationship problems, economic hardships and health issues among occupants. House / Vastu energiser working around the clock brings about a shift in the energy level of the place promoting positive influences and getting rid of all past garbage resulting in peace, happiness, harmony and prosperity to you and your family.

Energy Convertor


For Mobile: 200 INR

For Laptop/Computer: 525 INR

For TV: 550 INR

All electronic items which have become part of our daily life like cell phone, laptop, computer, TV, Wifi routers, power lines, home wiring, transformers etc. emit electromagnetic radiations which emit harmful negative energies which negatively impact our life. These radiations may be responsible for tumours, blood cancers, birth defects, miscarriages, heart problems etc.

“Energy Convertor” is a unique innovative research product based on wave technology which when used with the modern electronic gazettes converts the negative energy effect created by them into positive purest 100% white energy. It’s regular use will save you from all harmful electromagnetic radiations as well as will increase your original positivity. Aura photography has conclusively proved the benefits of “Energy Convertor” by taking aura photos of persons talking on the Cell Phone, working on computer and watching TV with and without it and results have been amazing.

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