How Healing is achieved?

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How Healing is achieved?

How Healing is achieved?

We are body within a soul . It is said that we have within us a world which is infinitely larger than the world we see around us. Our soul is pure , eternal , unspoiled and is being of light. But our soul is overshadowed by the self centered materialistic ideas which poison our mind. As we allow our mind to be our master ,  our soul gets tarnished by negative energy. Negativity swepts our energy body and chakra blockages occur. Our energy body frequency comes down.  Our soul is no longer allowed to shine at it’s brightest. Our connections to higher centers is severed. We no longer receive the intuitions which guide us in our life journey pushing us into undesired paths. Our healing is achieved only when we remove the layers of negativity surrounding our soul allowing it to shine bright. Once soul starts shining , all negativity evaporates , we get  mental peace , intuition is back to lead us to our life purpose and we are truly healed. ~ Janet Gallagher Nestor 

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