Good things are going to happen

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Good things are going to happen

Good things are going to happen

Sometimes things goes wrong but always believe in God and trust in him and the light will shine.

We all get down sometimes but then look up and see who is in control. He will bring you through it. So keep the Faith, stay Strong with a positive attitude. God loves you and he won’t abandon you in those rough times. Keep the Faith! Thank you, God! AMEN ~ Pat Brunson 

Have faith in God! See the positive side in every thing in life, look for the reason. The reason for your tears, the reason for your fears, the reason for your smile, the reason of conflicts you are facing, the reason of ordeals in way arising, the reason that made you be here today, the reason of the chosen way, don’t say why me, just say try me, don’t cry on broken pieces, just look for what heals, you are unique way you are, we all dream of being stars, try to be one, let your desire aim for sun. Have faith in God! You might today be sad, you are alive and not dead, just hear your heart, forget the hurt, live your biggest dream. ~ Unknown

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