Emotional Balance Healing Session

Emotional Balance Healing Session

Session Length: 1 Hours

Price: $49


Your Emotional Balance is responsible for checking our emotional energy flow within our energy fields. Have you realized that you shift emotions very quickly from happy to anger or from calmness to frustration. These emotional instabilities may be due to energy leakages, blockages and/or  stagnation affecting your moods and mental clarity.

We can have an off day once in a while but if this lasts longer we could have a deeper problem which should be helped by healing session. This emotional imbalance can trigger many undesirable consequences. You do not have to be a victim to this imbalance any longer as help is available. You have to take back control of your life. The emotional areas in energy fields are to be destabilized so that a balanced and high functioning free flowing energy pattern is established.

An Emotional Balancing Session takes care of all of the problem areas after a comprehensive scan. All problem areas are healed and sealed towards a harmonious state. There will be a shift within your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level so that they will be balanced again. When receiving an Emotional Balance Healing session make sure to focus on the positive issues at hand, relax and be in a receptive state of mind. This session takes 2 hours to complete.

Each healing session includes working with all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels based on our experience designed to work on the appropriate areas of disturbed energy fields affected by negative influences. We employ combination of different energy techniques which heal affected areas, release previous negative influences filling them with positive energy.

If you have any questions prior to healing session or any other related questions feel free to contact us at wisdomhealingcenter@gmail.com. We shall try to contact you by email as early as possible.