Choosing whether to walk away or try harder

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Choosing whether to walk away or try harder

Choosing whether to walk away or try harder

I chose to walk away. It was so hard, so incredibly hard, nervous breakdown hard, but, I did it and I am better for it. When I walked away my life dramatically improved, in ways I never could have imagined. If you are contemplating walking away, go inward, and if you feel scared of the unknown/uncertainty pray and meditate for faith. ~ DeShawn McQueen

Takes courage to try harder, takes courage to walk away. The difference, peace of mind, heart and soul.

If you know you could try harder, you should. But if you try as hard as you can and it never seems to be good enough, it is time to walk away, how difficult that may be. ~ Alida Veenstra

It was never hard for me. I walk away from people who don’t respect or value me as I to them. I walk away from relationship that doesn’t work and if I’m left to do all the work. If you want to try harder make sure the other part is trying harder, its always two to tango, otherwise walk away. The feeling of pain is temporary overtime you’d come to realize you’ve given yourself a chance to have something better. We all are worthy of love and affection, the kind that is honest true and enduring not the temporary kind. Been there than that. ~ Sheila Montecalvo

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